Friday, May 24, 2019

Okomaanoka kwa Yohana

Obweng’e bw’ayare ase ebuku eye

Ogochakera 1:1-8

1:1-8 Ogochakera na ogokwania
1:1-3 The Title Page
1:4-5a The Greeting
1:5b-8 Further description of Jesus

1:9-20 Yohana okorora Kristo
1:9-20 The Vision of Christ
1:9-11 John Hears the Voice of Christ
1:12-18 The Appearance of Jesus
1:19-20 The Repeated Command to Write
2:1-3:22 The First Vision: The Seven Letters
2:1-7 Amang’ana ase ekanisa y’Efeso
2:8-11 Amang’ana ase ekanisa ya Sumurina
2:12-17 Amang’ana ase ekanisa ya Parigamo
2:18-29 Amang’ana ase ekanisa ya Tiatira
3:1-6 Amang’ana ase ekanisa ya Sardi
3:7-13 Amang’ana ase ekanisa ya Filadelfia
3:14-22 Amang’ana ase ekanisa ya Laodikia

4:1-7:17 The Second Vision: The Seven Seals
4:1-11 John’s Vision of God
5:1-5 The Book with Seven Seals
5:6-8 The Lamb Before the Throne
5:9-14 The New Song in Praise of the Lamb
6:1-8:5 The Vision of the Seven Seals
6:1-9 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
The First Seal: The White Horse
The Second Seal: The Red Horse
The Third Seal: The Black Horse
The Fourth Seal: The Pale Horse
6:9-11 The Fifth Seal: The Souls Under the Altar
6:12-17 The Sixth Seal: The Last Judgment
7:1-8 The 144,000: The Church on Earth
7:9-17 The Great White Host: The Church in Heaven
8:1-11:19     The Seventh Seal:
The Third Vision: The Seven Trumpets
8:1-5 The Seventh Seal: The Seven Angels with the Seven Trumpets
[here keep in mind both Gn 1 and the 10 plagues]
8:6-13 First Trumpet: Hail and fire mingled with Blood
Second Trumpet: affects the sea, 2nd day
Third Trumpet: rivers and springs of waters from land, 3rd day
Fourth Trumpet: affects the sun, moon, and stars, 4th day.
9:1-11 The Fifth Trumpet: The Locusts of Hell, darken sky 8th Egypt Pl
9:12-19 The Sixth Trumpet: The Army from the Euphrates
9:20-21 The Impenitence of those who Remain
10:1-7 The Angel with the Little Book
10:8-11 John’s Commission to Preach
11:1-14 The Church in the “Church”
11:15-19 The Seventh Trumpet
12:1-15:8 The Fourth Vision: The Seven Visions
12:1-13:1a The First Vision: The Great Red Dragon
12:1-6 The Dragon and the Child
12:7-12 The War in the Sky
12:13-1a The Dragon Persecutes the Woman
13:1b-10 The Second Vision: The Beast from the Sea
13:1b-8 The Beast Described
13:9-10 Overruling Providence
13:11-18 The Third Vision: The Beast from the Earth
14:1-5 The Fourth Visio: The 144,000 with the Lamb
14:6-13 The Fifth Vision: The Three Angels
14:14-20 The Sixth Vision: The Harvest
15:1-8 The Seventh Vision: The Angels with the Seven Last Plagues
16:1-21 The Fifth Vision: The Seven Last Plagues
Καὶ ἤκουσα μεγάλης φωνῆς ἐκ τοῦ ναοῦ λεγούσης τοῖς ἑπτὰ ἀγγέλοις·
16:1-11 The First Bowl: sores on beast worshipers
The Second Bowl: seas to blood
The Third Bowl: rivers and springs
The Fourth Bowl: sun
The Fifth Bowl: darkness
16:12-16 The Sixth Bowl: The Battle of Armageddon
16:17-21 The Seventh Bowl: The End of the World
17:1-19:21 The Sixth Vision: Christ and Antichrist
17:1-18 The Vision of the Great Harlot
18:1-24 The Defeat of Babylon
19:1-21 The Church’s Victory
19:1-10 The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
19:11-21 The Rider on the White Horse
20:1-22:5 The Seventh Vision: The Church’s Final Victory
20:1-3 Christ and Satan
20:4-6 Christ’s People’s Reign
20:7-10 The Defeat of Satan
20:11-15 The Final Judgment
21:1-8 The New Heaven and New Earth
21:9-21 The General Description of the City
21:22-27 The City Itself and Its Inhabitants
22:1-5 Paradise Restored
22:6-21 The Conclusion
22:6-7 Another Claim to Inspiration
22:8-11 John and the Angel
22:12-19 Jesus Speaks to John
22:20-21 John’s Final Word to the Churches