Saturday, January 23, 2021

Pericopal System Used by LTS — Nyamira, Kenya: Advent through Epiphany

Notes by Pastor Joseph Abrahamson

Part 1 Lectionary for Advent through Epiphany

This is an resource for the American Tutors at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Nyamira, Kenya and the students. The following tables list the Sunday readings for the Church Year as they are found in the hymnals in use among the congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of Kenya [ELDK] in Western Kenya. The Kiswahili hymnal is called Mwimbiene Bwana [Sing to the Lord] and is abbreviated MB in the tables. The Ekegusii hymnal is called Moterere Omonene and is abbreviated MO in the tables. In most respects MO is a translation of MB from Kiswahili into Ekegusii.

There are some significant differences between the two books. Many of these differences are accidental. The tables below attempt to show the differences and offer suggestions. The tables will also note differences from the Evangelical Lutheran Synod’s hymnal The Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary, abbreviated ELH.