Saturday, November 03, 2018

Ninganetie Kogenda Igoro: An Ekegusii Hymn

Dancan,  Bevan, and Hendel with their parents, Abner Moriasi Momanyi and Angelika Bosibori Moriasi; performing "Ninganetie Kogenda Igoro" -- hymn number 277 in the Ekegusii Lutheran hymnal Motorere Omonene

The setting is titled "Kikinga." 

The Ekegusii hymn is based, in part, on John 14:6 "Yesu akamotebia, Ninche inde enchera, naende ekeene, naende obogima: omonto onde tagocha ase Tata tatiga asende." 

The Ekegusii lyrics for the first two verses in Motorere Omonene are:
 "Omot." Leader
 "Bonsi" Response
1. Omot.
           Ninganetie kogenda igoro
           inaki indaike aroro?
           Yeso nenchera, na obogima,
           Gatoramwegene natoike aroro.
2. Omot.
           Aaria igoro nagaya mono,
           nao `bomenyo bwa Tata oito.
           Yeso nenchera, na obogima,
           Gatoramwegene natoike aroro.

The Kiswahili lyrics for this Tanzanian  hymn "Mtunga maneno" were written by Ndilivako Ndelwa. What I could find on the author: Mr. Ndelwa, a Lutheran from Igumbilo, Tanzania who served as a teacher for the Lutheran schools in that region. He was imprisoned in 1960 and eventually released as a result of tensions between the Roman Catholic churches and the Lutherans in that area.

[Based on information found i "Lutheran-Roman Dialogue: Reflections on the Situation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT). The Lutheran-Roman Relationship during European Missionaries Era: An Experience from Tanzania."by Dr. Falres I. Ilomo, Former Director of Postgraduate Studies, Research and Publications and Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Theology, University of Iringa, Tanzania]