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Pericopal System Used by LTS — Nyamira, Kenya: Advent through Epiphany

January 2019 Working Copy
Notes by Pastor Joseph Abrahamson

Part 1 Lectionary for Advent through Epiphany

This is an resource for the American Tutors at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Nyamira, Kenya and the students. The following tables list
the Sunday readings for the Church Year as they are found in the hymnals in use among the congregations in Western Kenya. The Kiswahili hymnal is called Mwimbiene Bwana and is abbreviated MB in the tables. The Ekegusii hymnal is called Moterere Omonene and is abbreviated MO in the tables. In most respects MO is a translation of MB from Kiswahili into Ekegusii.

There are some significant differences between the two books. Many of these differences are accidental. The tables below attempt to show the differences and offer suggestions. The tables will also note differences from the Evangelical Lutheran Synod’s hymnal The Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary, abbreviated ELH.

The information in the tables is derived from:
MB    “Sala Maalum (Collect) na Masomo” pp 449-529
          Special Prayers (Collect) and Lessons.
MO    “Ogosaba kwa Bene (Collect) na Amasomo”  pp 578-653
ELH  "Historical Lectionary" pp 202-203


MB     “Majira ya Majilio (Advent)"
             Season of Advent
MO     “Chingaki chi’okoganya Okoiborwa gwa Kristo (Advent)


Old Testament

First Sunday in Advent
MB p449
MO p 578
Jer 31:31-34
Ps 24

ELH Ps 25
Ro 13:11-14
Mt 21:1-9
Siku ya Bwana
ya Kwanza Katika Majilio

Rituko ri’Omonene rie Ritang’ani Ase Okoganya
(Okoiborwa gwa Kristo)
Second Sunday in Advent
MB p 450
MO p579
Malachi 4:1-6

ELH Micah 4:1-7
Ps 80
Ro 15:4-13
Lk 21:25-35
Siku ya Bwana
ya Pili Katika Majilio

Rituko ri’Omonene ria kabere Ase Okoganya
(Okoiborwa gwa kristo)
Third Sunday in Advent
MB p451
MO p 580
Is 40:1-8
Ps 85
1 Cor 4:1-5
Mt 11:2-10
Siku ya Bwana
ya Tatu Katika Majilio

Rituko ri’Omonene ria Gatato Ase Okoganya
(Okoiborwa gwa Kristo)
Fourth Sunday in Advent

MO missing
Is 40:9-11
Ps 19
Phlp 4:4-7
Jn 1:19-28
Siku ya Bwana
ya Nne Katika Majilio

MO is missing the Propers and Lessons for the Fourth Sunday in Advent through the Sunday after Epiphany. This appears to have been an editorial oversight.

Christmas Season

MB    “Majira ya Kukumbuka Kuzaliwa kwa Bwana Yesu”
           Season of the Commemoration of the Birth of the Lord Jesus
MO    Missing


Old Testament

Christmas Eve
MB p453

MO missing

Is 9:1-7

ELH Is 7:10-14
Ps 98

ELH Ps 2
Tit 2:11-14
Lk 2:1-14
Usiku wa Kukumbuka Kuzaliwa Kwake Kristo

Christmas Day
MB p454

MO missing
Mic 5:2-5a

ELH Is 9:2-7
Heb 1:1-12
Jn 1:1-14
Siku ya Kuzaliwa Kwake Kristo

ELH Christmas Day 2nd service

Mic 5:2-4
Ps 121
Tit 3:4-7
Lk 2:15-20

Second Day of Christmas and St Stephen

ELH not in lectionary
MB p455

MO missing
2 Chron 24:17-22

Ps 119:17-24
Acts 7:55-60

Mt 23:34-39
Siku ya Pili ya Kukumbuka kuzaliwa kwake kristo na Siku ya Stefano
(Siku ya Pili ya Krismasi)

Sunday After Christmas
MB p 456

MO missing
Is 63:7-16

ELH Is 11:1-5
Ps 93
Gal 4:1-7
Lk 2:33-40
Siku ya Bwana Inayofuata Kuzaliwa kwa Kristo

New Year’s Eve
MB p 457

MO missing
none in MB

ELH Is 63L7-18
Ps 121

ELH Ps  90
Ro 8:31-39

ELH 1 Pe:22-25
Lk 12:35-40

ELH Lk 13:6-10
Usiku wa Mwisho wa Mwaka
New Year’s Day

ELH Name of Jesus
MB p458

MO missing
Josh 24:14-24

ELH Is55:1-13
Ps 121

ELH Ps  8
Gal 3:23-29 or Heb 13:8

ELH Gal 3:23-29
Lk 2:21 or
Jn 16:33

ELH Lk 2:21
Siku ya Kwanza ya mwaka Mrya
Second Sunday After Christmas
MB 459

MO missing
Ex 3:13-15

ELH Is 42:1-9
Ps 91

ELH Ps 106
1 Pe 4:12-19
Jn 1:14-18

ELH Mt 2:13-23
Siku ya Bwana
ya Pili Baada ya Kuzaliwa Kwake Kristo


MB    “Majira ya Ufunuo (Epifania)”
            Season of Epiphany
MO    Heading missing, Two entries missing at the beginning.


Old Testament

MB 460

MO missing
Is 2:2-5

ELH Is 60:1-6
Ps 72
Eph 3:1-12

ELH Ro3:23-31
Mt 2:1-12
Siku ya Bwana
ya Ufunuo
na Majira Yanayofuata

Sunday after Epiphany
MB p461

MO missing
Is 42:1-8

ELH Is 61:1-3
Ps 72

ELH Ps 100
Ro 12:1-6

ELH Rom 12:1-5
Lk 2:41-52
Siku ya Bwana
ya Kwanza Inayofuata Siku ya Ufunuo

Second Sunday after Epiphany
MB p462

MO p581
Is 61:1-3,6

ELH Dt 18:15-19
Ps 66

MO (also Is 55:1)
1 Pe 2:4-10

ELH Ro 12:6-16
Jn 2:1-11
Siku ya Bwana
ya Pili Inayofuata Siku ya Ufunuo

Rituko ri’Omonene ria Kabere Erikobwatia
Rituko ri’Okomanoka
Third Sunday after Epiphany
MB p463

MO p582
2 Kg 5:1-15

ELH Jer 33:6-9
Ps 97
Ro 12:16-21
Mt 8:1-13
Siku ya Bwana
ya Tatu Inayofuata Siku ya Ufunuo

Rituko ri’Omonene Ria Gatato Rikobwatia
Rituko Ri’Okomanoka
Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
MB p464

MO p583
Ex 14:21-31

ELH Is 43:1-3
Ps 47

ELH Ps 102
Ro 13:8-10
Mt 8:23-27
Siku ya Bwana
ya Nne Inayofuata Siku ya Ufunuo

Rituku ri’Omonene Ria kane Rikobwatia
Rituko ri’Okomanoka
Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
MB p465

MO p584
Ezk 33:10-16

ELH Jer 17:5-10

ELH Ps 20
Col 3:12-17
Mt 13:24-30
Siku ya Bwana
ya Tano Inayofuata Siku ya Ufunuo

Rituko ri’Omonene Ria Gatano Rikobwatia
Rituko Ri’Okomanoka
ELH Presentation (February 2 or following Sunday)

Mal 3:1-4
Ps 84
Heb 2:14-18
Luke 2:22-40

Last Sunday after Epiphany

ELH Transfiguration
MB p466

MO p584
Ex 3:1-6

ELH Is 61:10-11
Ps 84
2 Pe 1:16-21
Mt 17:1-9
Siku ya Bwana
ya Mwisho Katika Majira ya Ufunuo

Rituko ri’Omonene Ri’Omoerio Ase Chingaki Chi’Okomanoka
Rituko Ri’Okoraba

Siku ya Bwana = "Day of the Lord" "Sunday"

Rituko ri’Omonene = "Day of the Lord" "Sunday"

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