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Online Resources for LTS-Nyamira

Lutheran Theological Seminary - Nyamira, Kenya

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LTS-Nymaira library physical books and holdings catalog

This is a new cataloging project which is in-progress

Online Resources


Kenyan Bible Society Translations

Ekegusii New Testament 

Bible Gateway

A variety of translations including the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament

Kiswahili New Testament

Audio Kiswahili Bible 1982 UBS Version





Bible Gateway

Mechon Mamre
A Hebrew - English Bible According to the Masoretic Text and the JPS 1917 Edition

Abraham Schmeulof reading. Recordings of individual chapters, arranged by books.

Abraham Schmeulof reading. Recordings of individual books

Internet Archive of FCBH Hebrew Bible. Narration and Voices


Targum Onqelos on the Five Books of Moses



Some Psalms from Codex Sinaiticus

1550 Stephanus Greek New Testament 

Society of Biblical Literature Greek New Testament

Audio: Textus Receptus read with modern Greek pronunciation. Youtube videos with text.

Sources for Greek New Testament Audio by Lets Read Greek

Audio: Majority Text read with modern Greek pronunciation. Youtube videos with text.

Crosswire Online Bible Study Tool

Biola Unbound Bible: A Study Tool


Bible Commentary

The Popular Commentary of the Bible by Paul E. Kretzmann at The Kretzmann Project.
Old Testament Vol. 1 Genesis - Esther 
Old Testament Vol. 2 Job - Malachi
New Testament Vol. 1 Matthew - Acts
New Testament Vol. 2 Romans - Revelation

The Maps Included in the Four Volumes of Kretzmann's Popular Commentary

Lutheran Commentary Published by The Christian Literature Co. 1895-1898
Edited by Henry Eyster Jacobs

Romans by G. Stoeckhardt, Edward W. Schade, Otto F. Stahlke Publication date 1984

Commentary on the Old Testament by Carl Friedrich Keil and Franz Delitzsch [1857-78]
  Web page based transcription http://www.sacred-texts.com/bib/cmt/kad/index.htm#contents
Scanned books at the Internet Archive.
       Individual volumes listed below with links to the contents of each volume.

Volume I: The Pentateuch
     General Introduction to the Books of Moses:
     Genesis: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil01#page/n35
     Exodus: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil01#page/n417
     Leviticus: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil01#page/n765
     Numbers: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil01#page/n999
     Deuteronomy: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil01#page/268

Volume II: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 and 2 Samuel
     Introduction to the Prophetical Histories of the Old Testament:
     Joshua: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil2#page/n27
     Judges: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil2#page/n251
     Ruth: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil2#page/n479
     Introduction to the Books of Samuel:
     1 Samuel: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil2#page/n527
     2 Samuel: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil2#page/n797

Volume III: 1 and 2 Kings, 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther
     Introduction to Books of Kings: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta03keil03#page/n13
     1 Kings: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta03keil03#page/n27
     2 Kings: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta03keil03#page/n297
     Introduction to the Hagiographic Historical Books of the Old Testament:
     Introduction to Books of Chronicles:
     1 Chronicles: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta03keil03#page/46
     2 Chronicles: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta03keil03#page/302
     Ezra: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta03keil03#page/n1063
     Nehemiah: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta03keil03#page/n1201
     Esther: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta03keil03#page/n1363

Volume IV: Job

Volume V: Psalms

Volume VI: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

Volume VII: Isaiah
     Introduction to the Prophetical Books of the Old Testament:
     Isaiah: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta07keil07#page/n39

Volume VIII: Jeremiah, Lamentations
    Jeremiah: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil8#page/n7
    Lamentations: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil8#page/n765

Volume IX: Ezekiel, Daniel
     Ezekiel: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil9#page/n9
     Daniel: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil9#page/n885

Volume X: The Minor Prophets
     Hosea: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil10#page/n9
     Joel: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil10#page/n181
     Amos: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil10#page/n245
     Obadiah: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil10#page/n349
     Jonah: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil10#page/n391
     Micah: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil10#page/n431
     Nahum: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil10#page/n535
     Habakkuk: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil10#page/n583
     Zephaniah: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil10#page/n651
     Haggai: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil10#page/n701
     Zechariah: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil10#page/n751
     Malachi: https://archive.org/stream/biblicalcommenta00keil10#page/n959

Bible History

The Lutheran Confessions

Online Lutheran Book of Concord

Audio Recordings of the Book of Concord

Concordia Triglotta at Google Books

Martin Luther

Audio Books
Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians
Martin LUTHER (1483 - 1546), translated by Theodore GRAEBNER (1876 - 1950)
Martin Luther strove to give a verse by verse exegesis of the Epistle to the Galatians in the work. The original work, written in Latin in around 1516, was much longer. This translation by Theodore Graebner strove to produce a copy of the work in a format and with wording much more applicable to the general English-speaking American public. (Summary by Timothy Perkins)

On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church
Martin LUTHER (1483 - 1546), translated by Robert Scarlett GRIGNON (1822 - 1885)
Early in the course of the Reformation (1520) Martin Luther penned a trilogy of foundational documents addressing the German Nobility, the Church and the Christian. "On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church" appeared second. In it, Luther sifts the wheat from the chaff as regards the seven sacraments of the Roman Church. (Summary by Jonathan Lange)

Lutheran Theology Textbooks

Christian Dogmatics
by Mueller, John Theodore 1938

The Proof Texts of the Catechism with a Practical Commentary 
Augustus Lawrence Gräbner, William Herman Theodore Dau, Louis Wessel, Concordia Supply Company, Concordia Theological Seminary, 1920
Google Books https://books.google.com/books?id=EWdKAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false

The Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel
by C.F.W. Walther, 1929
PDF at http://www.angelfire.com/ny4/djw/WaltherLawAndGospel.pdf

Homiletics: A Manual of the Theory and Practice of Preaching
By Johann Michael Reu, 1922
Google Books https://books.google.com/books?id=BQMTAAAAYAAJ&dq=walther%20law%20and%20gospel&pg=PR1#v=onepage&q&f=false

Defense of Scripture and Doctrine

The Foundations Must Stand! The Inspiration of the Bible and Related Questions by Paul E Kretzmann Publication date 1936

Church Fathers

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
New Advent Website
Early Christian Writings Website

Audio Recordings of the Church Fathers


Ancient Texts

Titus Flavius Josephus (AD 37 – c. 100)

Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus "Suetonius" (c. AD 69 – after 122)

Publius (or Gaius) Cornelius Tacitus (c.  AD 56 – c.  120)

Pliny the Younger (governor of Pontus/Bithynia from AD 111-113 )