Monday, September 22, 2014

Modern Charismatic: What Spirit is Really Speaking Through Them?

Pr. Chris Rosebrough of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church, Oslo, MN provided a very useful review of the chaos and misdirection among Charismatic Christian preachers today.

What you will notice in the first three sections of the program is that some of these preachers sound like they have lost rationality or are possessed by demons. Behind what they are saying is the fact that they look to their hearts and imaginations to find out what they think is God's will and have abandoned Scripture as the only sure voice of God.

In the final section Pr. Rosebrough presents a sermon by Phil Johnson that presents a very good Biblical examination of the false teaching in the modern Charismatic movement. The preacher, Phil Johnson, is not Lutheran and does not fully and properly direct the listeners back to the Means of Grace in Word and Sacrament. But he does have a sound enough understanding of Sin and Grace and the authority of Scripture to make his presentation of great value to the listener.

September 19, 2014

Outbreak of a Spiritual Disease

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Program segments:
• Heidi Baker on Soaking in God's Glory
• More Open Mic "Prophecies"
• Carol Arnott Also Has Charismatic Tourettes
• Good Sermon by Phil Johnson: Did God Promise Health and Wealth?

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