Monday, May 25, 2015

Prayers for the Festival of the Holy Trinity

The Trinity prayers from Seed-Grains of Prayer: A Manual for Evangelical Christians By Wilhelm Loehe, Translated from the Original German 36th Edition By H. A. Weller.

We praise God the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah!
And from now, henceforth, eternally we will praise Him. Hallelujah !

ALMIGHTY, Everlasting God, Who hast taught us to know and confess in true faith that, in three persons of equal power and majesty, Thou art one everlasting God, desiring to be worshipped as such, we pray Thee, sustain us steadfast in that faith against everything that may threaten the same: Who livest and reignest from everlasting to everlasting. Amen.

ALMIGHTY, Everlasting God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Who hast revealed Thy grace unto us abundantly; Who, as the Father Eternal, didst create us in Thine own image; as the Son Eternal, wast incarnate for our sake, and for our sins didst pay the debt upon the cross; and Thou, Holy Ghost Eternal, Who proceedest from the Father and the Son, to lead us into faith and to sanctify us by the holy gospel: we beseech Thee, the One, Everlasting, Almighty God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, keep us in the true knowledge of Thy Name, and in true faith unto the end; and, by Thy grace, save us: Who livest and reignest forever. Amen.

O MOST Holy, Blessed, Undivided Trinity, eternal, unending, inconceivable, illimitable, spiritual unity of essence in threefold personality; praise, honor and glory be unto Thee for the divine revelation of Thy holy word in which we have life eternal, that we may know Thee, the Father, and Him Whom Thou hast sent, Jesus Christ, Thy beloved Son, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

O God the Father, Who art the first person in the Holy Trinity, I acknowledge, love, honor, praise, and worship Thee as my most beloved Father, Who art the Father of all in heaven and earth. Thy beloved Son has commanded me to address Thee as my Father, and promised “whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, that will He give you." Likewise He said, “I ascend unto my Father and your Father; to my God and your God." O dearly beloved Father, Thou gavest me two great and noble gifts, — Thy Son and the Holy Ghost, — and for such unspeakable love I will ever praise and magnify Thee.

God the Son, Who art the second person in the Holy Trinity, begotten from eternity, of the same substance with the Father, God of God, Light of Light, very God of very God, in substantial likeness of the Father, the reflection of His glory, true, eternal God and everlasting Life, the beginning and end of all things, through Whom all things visible and invisible were made, and all kingdoms and governments; by Whom all things were made that are made, and in Whom all things exist; Who in time wast made man and sent forth of the Heavenly Father to seek and to save that which was lost; Who art become flesh of my flesh and blood of my blood, my brother, my bridegroom; Who has betrothed me in eternity, in judgement, in righteousness, and in faith; Who art my Redeemer, Advocate, Throne of Grace, High Priest, Emmanuel, King, Light, Life, Mediator, and Helper, my only Surety and Savior, God and man in one perfect person; Who sittest upon the throne of Thy; glory at the right hand of divine majesty; Who hearest our prayers and desires, and art with us always even unto the end of the world: I render praise, honor, and glory unto Thee for all Thy great love, Thy passion and death, Thy resurrection, and Thy ascension on high.

God the Holy Ghost, Almighty, Everlasting God, co-equally eternal and almighty with the Father and the Son, Spirit, proceeding alike from the Father and the Son; Who makest us to be temples and dwelling places of the Holy Trinity; Who makest us new-born and enlightenest, sanctifiest and comf ortest us: Thou art our most beloved and most high Comforter, Who abidest ever with us when this world and all creatures forsake us: unto Thee be praise, honor, and glory for my re- generation, enlightenment, and sanctification.

O Holy Trinity, distinguishable as to persons, but indivisible in essence, God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, of the same divine substance, of the same everlasting divinity, we acknowledge three persons, coequally eternal, holy, glorious, and incomprehensible. Therefore, with the seraphim, we say and sing, “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Sabaoth," Holy is God the Father, Holy is God the Son, Holy is the Holy Ghost; and, with Saint Paul, we confess that, ''Of Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things, to Whom be glory forever. Amen.”

Holy Trinity, come unto us and deign to make us Thy temple; for, Thou art above us all, and through us all, and in us all. Lord Jesus, he that beholdeth Thee beholdeth the Father, for Thou art in the Father and the Father in Thee. Thou hast instituted our blessed baptism in the name of the Holy Trinity, and hast renewed the eternal covenant of grace in us by the same. Thou art our true blessedness, in whom and through whom we are blest in the Holy Trinity, even as Moses wrote: “he Lord bless thee and keep thee,” that is, may God the Father defend us, together with all His children; “The Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee,” that is, God the Son, Who is the image of the Father, our light and the refuge of grace, enlighten us by His grace; “The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and grant thee peace,” that is, God the Holy Ghost, through Whom we behold the fatherly countenance of God and enjoy peace, satisfy our hearts. Yea, God the Father, Who art love and mercy everlasting, the inexhaustible fountain of all goodness; yea, God the Son, my everlasting righteousness, wisdom, glory and blessedness, my light and my salvation; yea, God the Holy Ghost, my only and everlasting comfort, peace, joy, strength, and might, bring me into unity with Thee; possess and dwell in my heart; keep me as the apple of Thine eye ; protect me under the shadow of Thy wing; bless, enlighten, and, in my final need, comfort me and receive my soul unto Thee. At the last day, awaken me unto eternal joy and let me behold Thy glory forever. Amen.

Seed-grains of prayer : a manual for evangelical Christians by Löhe, Wilhelm, 1808-1872; Jacobs, Henry Eyster, 1844-1932; Weller, H. A. Published 1914, pp. 494-502

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Domestic Benediction for Christian Householders.

(To be used at the beginning of the week.)
GOD the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, Most Holy Trinity, unto Thee I commit, for Thine own, this house and all it shelters. This house is Thine, therefore, enter now with Thy train of blessing. Thine is the soul of the householder and of all that are his. Thine are their bodies. Our Father, Who hast created us, together with all things, preserve us in body and soul unto everlasting life.

O Son of God, Who hast redeemed us, grant us to participate in the merit of Thy life and death. Holy Ghost, Who dost gather us into the kingdom of grace by the Word and Sacrament, preserve us in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and help us to follow the example of His humility unto our end.

Comfort us, Most Holy Comforter, When our sins distress us. Spirit of Truth, preserve us against all errors that can endanger our souls, and against every wile of the devil and the machinations of the world. Spirit of Holiness, sanctify us wholly, that we may be changed from glory to greater glory, until we attain the perfect image of Jesus Christ. Spirit of Joy, remove all sorrow from us, slay the old man of sin and his whims within us, and grant us minds centered upon heaven, that our hearts may cleave to that other world where Jesus Christ, our Most Precious Treasure is. So work in us that we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and be Thine in body and soul, in life and in death, for time and eternity.

O Lord, Thou hast promised that all other things shall be added unto them who seek first Thy kingdom and its righteousness. We beseech Thee, of Thy gracious goodness, grant us also these other things, so far as they may be good and needful for us. Bless our fields and meadows, our vineyards and our gardens. Send us the rains in due time, and grant us fruitful seasons. Preserve us from failure of harvest, from hail and tempest. Fill cellar and garner with Thy blessing, that we may enjoy Thy gifts with gratitude and also have sufficient to share with the needy. Preserve house and home from danger by fire and water, and both man and beast from pestilence and sudden plague. All fruit and food that is in the house, bless Thou unto the nourishment of our bodies. Cover Thou all our possessions as with a shield.

Build Thy walls round about us against Satan and all his host, against thieves and robbers. Let the dishonest be made known, and preserve us against any Judas among us. Make known also if there be any unrighteous possession in this house, that we may put the curse from us. Watch over the purity of our bodies, that in this house none may fall into dishonor or evil repute. If in this house some mother come unto the hour of her labor, grant her the favor of Thy countenance and turn her anguish into joy. Let Thy peace from heaven come upon all, so far as this roof-tree reaches. Let peace and unity dwell in this house. Let gray hairs here find a sheltering rest as did Jacob and Joseph in the goodly land of Goshen, and crown the aged among us with honor. Grant the heritage of heaven and frankly obedient hearts to all the children in this house. Grant us peaceful neighbors; and, wherever strife threatens to come, cause Thy holy Word and the remembrance of Jesus Christ quickly to adjust all differences. Let no evil tongue divide us in hatred and envy, and, when we suffer unjustly, grant us true humility. When Thou layest a cross upon us, let us acknowledge it as the greatest domestic blessing, and render thanks to Thee for the same.

When we fall ill or grow old, make our hearts so much the stronger, and more youthful in faith and love unto Thee. When things go hard and haltingly with us, let Thy grace be sufficient for us. Should any one of us die, cause us to realize that we are pilgrims and strangers on earth, but in heaven there is joy sufficient for us. Preserve us from sudden and evil death. When our day is come, may we come unto Thee, filled only with faith and the Holy Ghost, and not trusting in our own lives or works. In the last hour grant us to enjoy once again the refreshing assurance of Thy Holy Sacrament. Unto our bodies vouchsafe a safe burial in some quiet spot amidst the graves of our beloved dead, and, with all pious Christian bodies, may they rest in peace until the last of the days; then waken us unto the resurrection of the body, and clothe us mercifully in the garments of grace. Spare us in the day of judgment, and lead us home into the mansions eternal, — Bishop of our Salvation; and, in that blest home, accept our eternal thanksgiving and everlasting praise. Amen.
Seed-grains of prayer : a manual for evangelical Christians by Löhe, Wilhelm, 1808-1872; Jacobs, Henry Eyster, 1844-1932; Weller, H. A. Published 1914, pp. 191-197

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Litany to the Holy Ghost, for Pentecost.

Kyrie Eleison
Kyrie Eleison
Christe Eleison
Christe Eleison
Kyrie Eleison
Kyrie Eleison

O God, the Father in Heaven
Have mercy upon us!
O God the Son, Redeemer of the world,
Have mercy upon us!
O God the Holy Spirit, true Comforter, 
Have mercy upon us!

Lord God the Holy Ghost,
You are the Spirit of wisdom and understanding,
the Spirit of counsel and might,
and You are the Spirit of the knowledge and the fear of the Lord.
Have mercy upon us!

Lord God the Holy Spirit,
You are the Spirit of Love,
the Spirit of Joy,
the Spirit of patience, kindness and goodness,
and You are the Spirit of faith, humility and chastity,
Have mercy upon us!

O Holy Spirit, 
You are He who tests the hearts of mankind and reins,
and You are the Dispenser of heavenly grace,
Have mercy upon us!

Lord God, the Holy Spirit,
You are the joy of the angels,
the Comfort of the sorrowing,
the Light of the prophets,
and You are the Wisdom of the Apostles,
Have mercy upon us!

O Holy Spirit,
You are the Victory of the holy martyrs,
and You are the Anointing of the saints,
Have mercy upon us!

Be gracious unto us,
Spare us, Good Lord!
Be gracious unto us,
Help us, Good Lord!

From the crafts and assaults of the Devil,
From heresy and deceitful teaching,
From envy and ill-will to the brethren,
From impurity of body and soul,
From indifference in the service of God,
And from all evil spirits,
Deliver us, Good Lord!

Lord God, the Holy Spirit:
You Who eternally proceed from the Father and the Son,
You Who did overshadow the Blessed Virgin, causing her to conceive in her womb the eternal Son of God, Jesus the Christ,
You Who did descend upon the Son of God in the form of a dove,
You Who were poured out upon the holy apostles, descending upon them in tongues of flame, enabling them to speak the Gospel in other languages,
You Who have regenerated us in holy baptism,
And You Who dwell in us through Your Word and Sacrament,
Help us, Good Lord!

O Holy Spirit,
You intercede for us in groanings that cannot be uttered,
Hear us, Good Lord!

Lord God, the Holy Spirit,
We poor sinners beseech You,
To hear us, Good Lord!

And to cleanse and sanctify all the members of Your holy Church,
To adorn the Bride of Christ with manifold gifts,
To bless and protect our Synod, together with all its ministers and institutions,
To grant us all the spirit of prayer and reverent worship,
To govern and sanctify our thoughts, words, and deeds,
To adorn our lives with patience and humility,
To kindle in us love and mercy,
To clothe us with chastity,
To work in us the peace of God,
To keep us in Your grace,
And to bring us to everlasting life,
We beseech you to hear us, Good Lord!

Lord God, the Holy Spirit,
Have mercy upon us!
Lord God, the Son of the Father,
Have mercy upon us!

O Christ, Lamb of God,
You take away the sin of the world:
Have mercy upon us!
O Christ, Lamb of God,
You take away the sin of the world:
Have mercy upon us!
O Christ, Lamb of God,
You take away the sin of the world:
Grant us Your peace!

O Christ, hear us!
O Christ, hear us!

Kyrie eleison.
Kyrie eleison.
Christe eleison.
Christe eleison.
Kyrie eleison.
Kyrie eleison.

Our Father, who art ....

[This is an modernized adaptation of Wilhelm Loehe's Litany to the Holy Spirit found on pp. 90ff in Liturgy for Christian Congregations of the Lutheran Faith, by William Loehe, Third Edition, Translated by Rev. F.C. Longaker, Newport, KY, 1902 from the third edition of Loehe's Agenda. Also reprinted 1993 and 1997 by Repristination Press, Decatur, Illinois.]

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Three Outposts, part 8 – The State

In part 8 of our series on “The Three Outposts” (three estates), Pr. Joe Abrahamson gives us the Scriptural teaching on God’s gift of, yes, government. How can government be more than a “necessary evil,” as Thomas Paine said? Is government really a gift from God? (The tax-man too? Seriously?) Why is government necessary, and how do Christians live under a sinful, wicked government?

Read Pr. Abrahamson’s Bible study, “The Three Outposts, Your Mission, part 5: The State.”

Friday, May 01, 2015

Let No Man Put Asunder

Today religious leaders and societal leaders will claim that Christ never spoke on issues of same sex marriage and other forms of marriage. However, the Son of God did speak on these issues several times both in the Old Testament and in the New testament. In particular He was confronted by religious leaders who challenged God's institution of Marriage.  This was His response:
And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

The following is a playlist of four recent programs aired on Issues, Etc. that address the issue of Same Sex Marriage and the Church's responsibility to bear witness to the Biblical Truth for the sake of sinners. Today we are at a place in society where Biblical Marriage is spoken against and trod upon in popular

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Three Outposts, part 7 - The Church and Ministry

Steadfast Throwdown Radio Show- Round 42-

In this installment of our discussion with Pr. Joe Abrahamson, we take up the Office of the Ministry and how God calls His people to support the livelihood of their pastors. We also discuss matters of excommunication and church discipline, as well as answer a question submitted to

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter, Eggs, and Nowruz

By now most Americans have probably heard of the Iranian/Persian New Year festival called Nowruz, or No Ruz.

One of the more recent claims against Easter is that this Christian Holy Day is merely a hijacked version of the Persian Zoroastrian new year festival called Nowruz (or Nauruz). The argument is that because Nowruz is celebrated on the vernal equinox, Christians must have taken this date or somehow absorbed this Zoroastrian holiday into its own ritual year.

Very few in the West knew anything about Zoroastrianism or its festivals until the 18th century, and almost nobody in the West had ever heard of Nowruz before the mid-20th century. The first ever translation of the Zoroastrian sacred texts, the Avesta, into any European language was made by Anquetil Duperron and published in 1771 (James Darmesteter 1880, xv–xx). Controversy about the genuineness of the source documents shrouded the publication until the close of the 18th century. The term Zoroastrianism was first used by archaeologist A.H. Sayce in